johnny b




Johnny writes songs with significant lyrical content, strong melodies, a clear gospel message, and a vast appeal to the many different types of music listeners. He has been lauded by his fans and peers alike for his vocal stylings and musicianship. Johnny cares deeply about the condition of humanity and wants to do his part to inspire and encourage people. Johnny believes strongly that the world still has hope and that Jesus Christ is that hope. Because of his humble beginnings and the grace that has been extended to him by God, Johnny hopes to empower new artists, writers, producers, etc. to step out with their gifts and talents and pursue the great destinies that await them. Johnny now assists with development of material for several new artists from various parts of the globe. He wants every person, no matter where they are from or what they are faced with in life, to believe one statement- “I Can.”





  1. 1. The Intro featuring Pastor Olus Holder

  2. 2. He Rules the World

  3. 3. All Over the World featuring Landlord & Myles Monroe

  4. 4. The Greatest King

  5. 5. Step Out On Water

  6. 6. I'll Make It Through the Storm

  7. 7. God's Got It featuring Shawn McLemore

  8. 8. He's All I Need featuring Erin Cortez

  9. 9. God Almighty

  10. 10. Strong Tower featuring Vincent Powell

  11. 11. The Way You Love Me

  12. 12. Lord You Been Good to Me

  13. 13. In the Morning featuring George Powell